I Move so my Sister can Thrive

You may have seen my posts with pictures climbing the Manitou Incline, hiking local trails, and walking the Slacker Half Marathon. I have a motto this year to “just keep moving” to rally support for the MS Achievement Center (MSAC) and my sister Sandy Fryer. Sandy is a member of this weekly program at the University of Kansas Medical Center for people with progressed multiple sclerosis. Members attend the MSAC for 5 hours, 1 day per week where they connect with others, build physical strength and practice cognitive skills to maintain their independence. For people with progressed MS, the MSAC is a vital partner, providing an interdisciplinary team of experts in MS to walk alongside members each week.

There are so many challenges in our world today. It can be overwhelming. It can feel like there is no way to fix all this. And that’s how MS feels. I can’t personally cure it. I can’t take away the pain or the disability it causes. I can make a meaningful impact. I can give to this organization and know that each dollar I give goes directly to help one of these people I know. My gift improves their life; my gift is significant. It matters.

Please join with me moving today and donating to support this program that is so important to Sandy and her friends at the MSAC!

You can learn more about the MS Achievement Center at www.msachievementcenter.org.